Video cybersecurity (Wbni) in English

In this short information film we tell you more about the ‘Wet beveiliging netwerk- en informatiediensten’. We give you a brief explanation about the duty of care and reporting and about the role of the CSIRT. Due to the international nature of cyber security, we also have an English-language version of the film available.

0.0 The bed alarm rings, Anna wakes up and turns the alarm off. She turns on the her bed light and goes out of bed. Anna turns her phone on and checks her messages. 
Voice over
This is Anna, and just like you and me, she lives in a country filled with digital devices and services.

0.10 Anna steps under the shower and turns it on.
Voice over
We can hardly do without them, which makes us dependent and vulnerable, since we assume that we can use these devices and services anywhere and at any time.

0.11 Shot to: Hacker sitting behind a computer. Digits appear on the screen.
0.11 The electricity of the city is disrupted by the hacker. All the lights are going off.
0.16 Shot to: Anna under the shower, the water is suddenly cold, Anna is startled and she turns the shower off. 
Animation 1 
0.23 Animation explains that the security of network and information systems act is here to make sure our systems are digitally resilient.

Voice over Animation 1
It all seems so natural that there is electricity, people travelling safely on public transport, hot water from the tap, and that people can buy and sell everything on the internet.
Digital services now have a vital place in our society.

The most important Operators of Essential Services really must be digitally resilient.

Therefore, the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS directive) has been adopted by all EU Member States. This has been translated into Dutch law: the Wet Beveiliging Netwerk en Informatiesystemen (WBNI), or Security of Network and Information Systems Act.

1.01    Anna is waiting for the tram and walks to the information board while checking her phone. 
Voice over
In the Netherlands we depend on critical infrastructure. If one essential service within it goes lost, this has consequences for other services offered within our society.

1.04 The travel information board shows: ‘No information’ She checks her phone again for updates. Her phone is out of service. 
1.05 Anna is getting impatience and she tries to reload the travel app. Without success.
1.05 Anna is walking to her work and she sees a man who tries to charge his electric car. But the system is not working. 

Voice over
For example, if a grid operator is hacked, many services that depend on electricity could be affected.

1:22 Meanwhile Anna arrived at her work and stands behind the counter to check-in an elderly couple at the hotel. 

Voice over 
This could mean that not only would public transport be unavailable, but also that certain devices and systems would no longer work at home, at the office and in factories.

1.27 Close-up of a hacker. 
1.29 The electricity is turning of in a server room.
1.32 Shot to: Anna tries to check an elderly couple in at the hotel where she works. This is not working. She grabs a pen and piece of paper to check them in. 
Animation 2 
1.44 Animation explains that Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands supervises the operators of essential services and assesses their security and risk management.

Voice over animation 2 
The government has appointed Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands to supervise Operators of Essentials Services in the energy sector, digital infrastructure and digital service providers

It assesses the security and risk management of service providers, minimising the possibility of an incident affecting the continuity of each service.

2.06 Anna walks down the street in the evening. She looks on her phone for news messages. It shows a dangerous toxic fire at an oil company nearby 
2.16 Shot to: Man opening his window and nervously looking to the sky.
Animatie 3
2.17 Animation explains that Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands and CSIRT is here to make the Netherlands digitally resilient.

Voice over Animation 3
If an Operator of Essential Services or a Digital Service Provider  is hacked or some other service disruption causes an incident with significant effects, the supervising authority Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, and the Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) must be notified.

The CSIRT will provide assistance with the aim of enabling the service provider to resolve the incident.

The Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands will reach out after the notification and start an investigation if necessary. Companies in the energy sector, digital infrastructure and digital services are working together with the Radiocommunications Agency and the CSIRT for a joint goal: making the Netherlands digitally resilient.

2.51 Anna has finally come home and has a nice dinner in front of the tv with her boyfriend.
Voice over
The introduction of the WBNI and supervision by Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands aim to contribute to decreasing the digital vulnerability of the services we all use. 
So now Anna can sleep well, just like you and me ... 'Goodnight Anna'.

3.06 Anna turns off the light and goes to sleep.